Schutt 7980 Recruit Hybrid Youth Helmet

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Schutt 7980 Recruit Hybrid Youth Helmet

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Product Details

A simple look at the Schutt Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet reveals this is not your older brother's Recruit Hybrid. The helmet known for combining comfort and safety is upgraded this year with Schutt's new D30 Energy Lock Technology to provide even more protection on the field. The D30 padding is bright orange in color and uses a molecule structure that locks up when impacts come, softening blows by dispersing the energy to a larger area. When the hits aren't there, it's a lightweight, flexible padding that gives your head a comfortable fit. That feeling is extended further with Schutt's Comfort Liner that provides a "soft, pillow-like" feel on the head. The rest of the helmet is packed with popular TPU cushioning that consistently absorbs more impact than foam across all a wider range of temperatures. A large standoff shell puts more padding between the helmet's shell and the player's head and AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads help soften lateral and frontal hits.


  • D30 Energy Lock Technology
    • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable
    • Unique molecular structure locks on impact and remains soft in a natural state
    • Energy is dispersed to lessen the force of hits
  • Comfort liner
    • Comfort foam for long-lasting durability and comfortable, dynamic fit
    • Gives helmet the "soft, pillow-like" feel it's known for
  • Thermoplastic Urethane Cushioning (TPU) provides better impact absorption, heat management and hygienics
  • Comes with 1 1/8" AiR Maxx TPU Jaw Pads for lateral and frontal collisions and youth soft cup chin strap