• FREE full-service art department
  • In-house screen print / embroidery
  • Top-notch sales team with 25+ years of experience
  • Largest sample showroom locally
  • Custom designed/hosted/administered company web stores
  • Major brand name merchandise
  • Private label CUSTOM apparel
  • Custom importing abilities
  • Large fulfillment and distribution center
  • Warehouse & shipping services
  • Over 400 active vendor relationships
  • Access to 3500 vendors of promotion merchandise

At Bacon & Co., we know how important the power of using your logo is to create brand identity among your clients. Companies large and small use their logos everyday to build strong awareness by keeping their name in front of their customers. Bacon & Co. brands thousands of items each year, big & small, and is ready to assist your needs. Whether you want the #1 specialty item, a pen,a tote bag, an umbrella, drinkware, trophy, sunglasses, decals, stress balls, or any other item you may need... You name it, we’ll find the source.

  • Access to major brands in the industry
  • Customized products & apparel
  • Top of the line Team Sports equipment for colleges, high schools & youth programs
  • Fundraising platforms
  • Custom Team Web Stores
  • In-House screen print / embroidery
  • Uniform Numbering capabilities
  • FREE full-service art department
  • Opportunity for exclusive brand contracts & perks

This division specializes in providing athletic uniforms and equipment in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, track &field, and more. In addition, we offer custom online team web stores, allowing your students/parents and booster clubs to conveniently order goods on their own time.

  • Vast selection of quality uniforms & workwear for any industry
  • Industry specific items such as FR,reflective, culinary and more
  • FREE custom in-house art design services
  • In-house screen print / embroidery
  • Private label apparel
  • Quick fulfillment & distribution capabilities
  • Easy ordering process
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Online web stores for employees to order goods
  • Internal management of uniform budgets

With quality, brand awareness, and convenience being top priorities at Bacon & Co., we know we can deliver the solutions you need. No matter what the industry, workwear and uniform advertising is a great way to market a company’s brand. Since 1925, Bacon & Co. has built a reputation of offering excellent customer experiences and products to major companies that require the need for workwear and uniforms.

  • FREE full-service highly creative artdepartment
  • In-house screen print / embroidery
  • Officially Licensed Collegiate goods
  • Custom curated wholesale & retail programs
  • Private label CUSTOM apparel
  • UPC generated and stickered product capabilities
  • Custom retail hangtag design & production
  • Custom product importing abilities
  • Large fulfillment and distribution center
  • Over 400 active vendor relationships
  • Access to 3500 vendors of promotional& brand name merchandise

This division specializes in providing retailers and customers, large & small,with anything to fill your wholesale needs. Think of us as your one-stop shop for designing, producing, distributing, and managing your retail lines & products.In addition, Bacon and Co. was one of the first licensees of The University of Tennessee, making us your go-to for officially licensed Collegiate merchandise.

  • FREE full-service art department
  • High Quality materials

Our Environmental Branding division focuses on helping your business or academic institution effectively brand your space. We pride ourself on offering cost effective and innovative strategies to provide you with unique and creative experiences. Whether you need basic branding guidelines to full scale brand development strategies, Bacon & Co. is here to help.

Some of our Clients...

  • We want to thank everyone on the Bacon team - the thoughtful art, the generous exclusives, the sourcing of product that seemed impossible to find, the unbelievable turnaround of rush orders, deliveries, and the righting of very few wrongs along the way, Bacon has proven to be one of our most valuable partners.

    - The Vol Shop
  • Bacon has been supplying our uniforms for over forty years. We appreciate their willingness to be our partner as well as our vendor.

    - Another Long Time Satisfied Partner
  • Bacon is a local supplier who always goes the extra mile. We appreciate Bacon finding affordable uniforms that are comfortable and stylish for our team.

    - And Another Long Time Satisfied Partner

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